10 Things Only Dog Owners Will Relate To.

Anyone that knows me personally knows I don’t have a dog, I have a child with four legs and fur. Not only because I’ve raised her like she’s my child, but she genuinely seems to think she’s a human. But life is not the same once you have a dog, it changes completely and you’re never fully prepared for just how much it does. 


Privacy is something you no longer have.  Literally everything you do will become a joint effort, you want to watch tv, they’ll be there. You want to go to the toilet, they’ll be there.

Clean windows are a thing of the past. Dog nose art is real guys, it’s real. If you dare remove that masterpiece they’re just gonna re-do it there and then.

Food is always magical if it’s from your hand. You could put a bowl of biscuits down and they’ll turn their nose up all day. Pick one of those little biscuits up in your hand and they MUST HAVE IT RIGHT NOW.

Trying to find pictures of something other than your dog is HARD. When you’re trying to show someone a picture but you have to get back to them a week later because it’s lost in-between all the dog pictures you’re not ashamed you take.


Whenever you give someone a lift you give them a heads up that you have a ‘dog car’. Don’t be surprised if you come out sporting dog hairs as your outfit, that’s just the way it is.

Your money priorities change. You question if you really need that bag but won’t hesitate to spend £20 on one single ball for the dog. Because it’s ‘indestructible’ right?

You stop smelling human flatulence. Once you’ve had a dog let off wind around you, nothing, NOTHING, compares.

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Everything you own and love will be covered in hair. ‘What are you wearing?’ Oh this? This is just dog.

They are adamant that you must wake up as soon as the sun rises. But then they continue to sleep throughout the rest of the day.

They give you the most unconditional love you’ll ever know. Making all the little flaws worth it.


Surround Yourself with Positive People.


There are literally so much that has happened since I was last active on this little space of mine. I let a lot change that I didn’t want to, including my love for blogging being squashed and pushed aside slightly.  One thing I’ve learnt is that if you surround yourself with negativity you get drawn into that negativity. No matter how positive you are as a person yourself.  

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” says American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn

With that in mind you sometimes really have to sit down and just make sure that the people you have around you are people that are good for you. Good people aren’t always saints. I’m not saying look for someone that doesn’t drink, doesn’t make bad choices or has pristine morals. Look for people that enhance your life, that encourage you to reach your goals or inspire you to be a better person and see the world in a better light.

Everyone has people that they love dearly but are mood hoovers.  You will know the ones I mean, the ones who wait for summer all year, blaming their bad mood on the winter and then as soon as summer comes it’s too hot and there’s a whole new list of things to moan about. The people that try and give you reasons to be down. Now it’s not always possible to not have someone like this out of  your life, it might be someone you have to see daily at work, a family member or your partner, in which case the likeliness of avoiding this attitude is slim. But what you do have control over is the people you spend your time with. I’m so lucky that the people I hold closest to me now I’m single are the people that see the good in the bad, no matter the situation.

Things to ask yourself when you’re wondering if someone is a good positive impact on your life;

Do they make you feel good about yourself?

Are they encouraging towards your goals no matter what they are?

Are they truthful with you, let you know whats really going on?

Do you leave them feeling happy after seeing them?

Do they inspire you to be a better person?

If you were lucky enough to say yes to them, then hold those little buggers close and if not then first look at yourself and make sure you’re giving out those good vibes yourself!



The Very British Way To Deal With A Cold

There is literally no feeling a cold gives you other than certain death. I mean if you can’t breathe out of your nose that’s clearly a big issue, that’s a big part of your keeping-yourself-alive system right there. There are however a lot of ways that helps us Brits typically deal with these absolutely life-threatening situations.


First of all you’ve got to make sure that absolutely everyone you come into contact with knows just what you’re going through. Sharing is definitely caring in his situation, you tell that work colleague 47 times that you’re dying in one shift. Because that’s helpful, for all concerned. 

You’ve also got to make sure you’re not just sharing but you’re letting everyone know they’ve never had anything compared to this. Oh so they lost their leg recently? Well they can thank their lucky stars they haven’t got this cold because this is the real deal.

In situations like these hot chocolates are not the one unless they have marshmallows, chocolate and cream stacked so high you could become a diabetic in one sitting. That right there is how it should be done.

Of course your mug of tea should never be empty in a time like this either,  get yourself a little house elf to bring endless cuppas and biscuits.

In fact just eat anything that’s awfully bad for you and write it off as ‘It’s to make me feel better!’

If leaving the house is a necessity, because let’s be honest you’re not leaving if you don’t have to whilst going through this trauma. Wrapping up so that you can’t physically bend at your joints is a winner. Layers layers and more layers.

Finally, your bed is your best friend, don’t let anyone tell you you’re spending too much time moping around.

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The Negative of Being an Independent Woman

I can already here people gasping at the title. ‘THE NEGATIVES, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT THERE IS ANYTHING NEGATIVE’ I can’t say that I would prefer to be anything different, because I really wouldn’t. I hold that title very loud and proud and think it’s one of the biggest compliments I receive.


But it’s not always the best when it comes to letting people into your life, you know, of the male variety. Once you get comfortable in your own little bubble it’s hard to compromise that happiness. Because when you let someone in, they’re either going to make or break you, aren’t they? I get lectured all the time about how it’s not healthy to be cut off from things that could potentially make me genuinely happier. Then again tucking into a packet of biscuits makes you happy at the time, but for the next few days when you’ve acquired a double chin you’re probably not feeling the same way. In a world that’s so fast-paced, it’s very hard to find someone that’s happy enough to stick around whilst you really figure them out, you know on a deeper level than just going out for a few drinks and getting to know each other with the basics. Unfortunately, you can’t blame them for that either, most people know what they want and just take that shot, that chance and go for it. So when you’re in your own little bubble and it takes you that bit longer to trust someone enough to let them in it can be frustrating on both sides. Probably more on the other in all fairness, the constant question of ‘What do you want’ is just too regular because nothing is given away. Leaving them feeling unappreciated and in the end, naturally, taking off.


I get told by a lot of people that they are envious that I can be so happy by myself. Without getting lonely or feeling the need of a partner to keep me content with myself. Which yes is great, I know where I’m at, I know who I am and I know what I value in life. But at the same time I also envy the people who aren’t like me, the people who are able to trust super easily and wear their heart on their sleeve from the get go, not once they’ve figured someone out almost in a hypercritical manner. The people that take life as it comes and aren’t thinking of the ‘what ifs’. They’re just thinking of the now and how it makes them feel. As much as I love being the way I am, you don’t half look back and think ‘I have missed out on things/people because of my lack of wanting to compromise my happiness’.

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Rough Runner 2015

So last weekend I took a step in the fitness world of Kim, like you know….I actually did some?! The gym is my usual go-to way to let off steam and keep in shape but the weights are what I’m about. Cardio was just something I did now and again when I thought I deserved to be punished. When my uncle asked me if I would like to do Rough Runner with him I said yes without actually thinking it through. But I’ve never been happier with a spontaneous decision, the whole day was amazing and it’s rekindled my love for running in general. 12119028_439252066259794_3278423954754153163_nObstacle runs have become very popular the past couple of years, Continue reading

BarkBeats Box Review

It’s been a little while since Poppy Dog was in the spotlight of And On That Note She Wrote so I was over the moon when this lovely box arrived to review c/o Barkbeats.  The special thing about this particular subscription box is that they are tailored to the size of your pooch, so you know what arrives is always going to be suitable.


Continue reading

A ‘Younique’ Review

Hey guys here I am with yet another review for you little lovelies.  This time I’m bringing you a few products from the very raved about, very up and coming company Younique. When I was asked if i wanted these products to try for a review I knew I couldn’t say no, who doesn’t want to see what all the rage is about?!


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the 3D Fibre lashes by now, every blogger,  make-up lover and their dog seem to have tried and raved about this product. Younique are definitely hitting the high end market with this product, the packaging screams proffesional and inside the Transplant Gel and 3D Fibre’s are also in their own little bag. I was a little bit apprehensive about the whole concept really, especially when I saw the little fibres in person and realised that the only thing hat was going to be keeping them away from my actual eyes was a thin layer of the transplant gel. I cant say it was a smooth ride, the first few times I tried this product I was left feeling a little bit deflated,as half way through the day I would notice I had little black marks on my face from the fibres falling down. After experimenting with the transplant gel and fibre lash ratio though I found a lovely medium that worked perfectly and I started to see why everyone loved this product so much. This is the first time I’ve used a product that has properly enhanced my lashes like was promised whilst still leaving you with a natural unclumpy look.

12072694_435349163316751_4329556179848505218_n (1)12122926_435349133316754_664456271760612913_n12096108_435349056650095_6571275869827621304_n

Bare Lashes, Transplant Gel, Fibre Lashes.


I was also sent a cheeky Moodstruck Precision Pencil in the shade ‘perfect’ that I used to bring the lash line to the lashes naturally. The eye liner has a gorgeously smooth feel to it and glides onto the eyes super easily.

Finally I was sent the Splurge Cream Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Noble‘ and the Cream Shadow Brush. The brush has a really expensive feel to it and makes applying the eyeshadow super effortless. The eyeshadow itself is such a gorgeous colour but you do have to build it up to get the full effect, with the added spot of glitter for a hint of fun.younique

You can buy all these products and so much more from here. Also check out this page to see the products in use by an every day person just like me and you, not someone just working for a company.

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Treat Your Skin With NSPA

Hey my lovelies, remember that post I did about a week ago about the Pink Grapefruit  range from NSPA? (Read it here) Well the little beauties sent me some other exciting products to try out from their new range too.


These got sent the same time as the Pink Grapefruit Range but they needed just a little bit more use to suss them out. In fact I’ve pretty much used up both of these products so I could get a true feel of how they both work.  Continue reading

My Advice To Anyone New To The Blogging World.



Don’t be pulled in with the promise of ‘freebies’ –  A lot of people see Bloggers getting approached by brands and getting products etc and thinking it’s as easy as pie. What you don’t realise is that before you get to that point your blog will basically be your second full-time job, without the pay. Continue reading

Quick Life Update: Where Have I Been?


Hey m’lovelies, a few of you have asked where I have been recently and I thought it was about time I let you in on the changes that have took place in my life the past month. Firstly, that little ring on my finger has gone, yes I’m no longer engaged. Normally you would think someone out of an engagement would be really down, and drowning in self-pity but that’s not how this has worked out. In fact for the past few weeks I’ve been battling with myself for not being that way, feeling rather guilty about it. But relationships aren’t always meant to be and that’s just life and sometimes they’re over before you actually admit they’re over. I’ve took it as a massive learning curve, taking from it what I want from a man and a relationship in the future and not dwelling on the bad times. People seem to be wanting to smother me in chocolate, cups of tea and the occasional bottle of wine though so that is probably helping my happiness levels too.

“You deserve to be with someone who looks at you every single day like they’ve won the lottery and have the whole world in front of them”

Because of this I took my pooch (of course my baby wasn’t being left behind, that girl is stuck with me for life) and moved back in with my momma bear, which in itself is a bloody challenge. Going from my own space to living with my parents again is hard enough, add the addition of a 2-year-old sister into the mix and it’s definitely a lifestyle change. As much as the adjustment is taking a little getting used to, poppy loves having another doggy to play with and keep her company when no one is in and the little smile on my sisters face when she see’s me in the morning makes it all worth while. I mean, the normal reaction from my morning look is not normally a smile its fear, so this is very welcome, this child may stay.  

Now that i’ve had a little time to myself to sort my little mind out and get used to the changes around me I should be back on form and with you guys on a regular basis. I’ve still been here though. Lurking, reading your posts, leaving little comments and being proud of your recent achievements. Happy dance for you. 

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